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Top 5 Gift ideas for Father's Day


Fathers Day is coming and it is a great time to show your love and respect to your father. Unfortunately, busy lifestyle and living far from home cut the time spent together dramatically. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your Dad and have a great time with him.

Presenting the right gift makes the celebration more memorable. The gift that will recall happy memories about you being a little child and the best time you had together.

So here is the list of top 5 perfect mens manicure sets for your Dad this Father's Day:

New stock of Zinger products is here!


I want the name "Zinger Australia" to be synonymous in your mind with quality. More than synonymous - I want them to be one and the same.

It is my pleasure to introduce the new stock of Zinger manicure sets, pedicure sets and nail kits.

Take a moment to discover the variety of Zinger products: classic manicure sets, travel manicure sets, pedicure sets and mens manicure sets and grooming kits.

Quality manicure set - Best gift for Mothers Day


Mother's Day comes here soon, which means that it is time to start looking for how you are going to cement your place as your mom's favorite child. Apparently you cannot buy a mother's love—but you can at least put some grease on the wheels by getting her the right gift. The gift that will place a smile on her beautiful face when you are not around. The gift that will recall happy memories about you being a little child and the best time you had together. The gift she will enjoy from the moment she opens the box. 

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4 Steps for perfect nails


Fabulous nails are well worth the time and money needed to get them. Of course, the definition of fabulous can vary. For some people, a fabulous set of nails is a beautiful work of wearable art! For others, the most fabulous nail are well-groomed nails that are practical for all day wear. But regardless of your definition, taking the time get great nails can be both relaxing and rejuvenating.

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Manicure pedicure kit


We all need time to ourselves and a great way to spend quality “me time” is by indulging in a mani-pedi! High quality at home manicure pedicure kit is a great investment in spending our alone time relaxingly and productively. I mean, who doesn’t want fabulous nails!

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Mens manicure


Handshakes, many men have to perform this greeting ritual every day. But what is the hand you are extending saying about you? Are you confident that your hands are sending the right message? Whether it is work or socially, you don’t want your hand to send the wrong message. Especially when even the most basic mens manicure sets can help you present a well-groomed pair of hands.

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Manicure gift sets


Looking for the perfect gifts for her? Have you considered manicure gift set as a gift for the girl who is both practical and fashionable? Manicure gifts sets come in a diverse range of prices and items included. On the cheaper end, you have the two piece travel manicure gift set that can be a lifesaver during trips. If you have a larger budget, you can gift the fashionista in your life with a manicure gift set that contains everything from nail scissors to blackhead & whitehead remover. All contained in a beautiful case with space for other essentials like a range of nail polish.

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Nail care as an early warning sign for ailments


How familiar are you with your nails? Without looking at your hands, describe your nails. Could you do it? Are you familiar enough with your nails to use them as an early warning sign for your health? Our hands and nails are tools. They should be maintained like tools to ensure their longevity. A nail manicure set can help us perform maintenance on the tools that are our hands and nail. A high quality nail manicure set is an investment not just in beauty but health as well. Sure, regular manicures will make our nails look attractive and clean. But regular care also familiarises us with our nails. So we can quickly detect changes with them.

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Welcome to Zinger Australia


Are you still looking for a perfect present for your wife / daughter / girlfriend or mom? A manicure set is an ideal present.
All manicure sets are of highest quality guaranteed by Zinger. Our wide range of high quality manicure sets suitable for home and travel use.
Most of our sets fit into almost any handbags. All tools are made of high quality steel, stored in genuine leather cases. Plus all sets are delivered in an attractive Zinger gift box.

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