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14 pcs manicure set black leather carry case

Model:MS-BC-830 SM

Zinger manicure set MS-BC-830 SM consists of 14 high quality manicure tools for nail care put in the genuine leather case

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Zinger MS-BC-830 SM manicure set with high quality nail care tools is crafted by Zinger. 

Zinger has been offering high quality manicure pedicure sets and nail care instruments for 2 decades now and bringing the latest technology and manufacturing equipment to fulfil the most demanding customer’s expectations.

Only high quality stainless steel is used to create this manicure set. Then the tools gain additional strength by treatment of high temperatures in a special furnace. After that all implements of the manicure set are hand sharpened and tested by skilful craftsmen. This makes the tools not only flawlessly sharp but also eliminates the need to re-sharpen for 3-4 years of hard use. With Zinger manicure set your finger- and toenails will always be neat and well-groomed.

Manicure set has a stylish genuine leather case and an attractive gift box. Leather case protects your implements and keeps them all in one place. Gift box makes Zinger manicure set a valuable and memorable gift.

The main benefit of our products is quality and affordability. The quality of Zinger manicure sets is competitive to the famous German brands like Niegeloh Solingen, Hans Kniebes, Sonnenschein Exclusiv and Hercules Saegemann. But the prices are surprisingly lower.

Buying our products you risk nothing as we offer 30 days money back guaranty if you change your mind!

The carry case/ cosmetic box is of a decent size which allows its owner to fill it with additional make up or grooming bits and pieces of his choice. Plus full size mirror helps to fix your make up on the go.

MS-BC-830 SM includes 14 manicure instruments:

  • 2 Nail scissors, curved, allows particularly precise nail cutting

  • Cuticle scissors, curved 

  • Nail nippers

  • Nail clippers

  • Cuticle nippers

  • Slanted tweezers

  • Pointed tweezers

  • Sapphire nail file

  • 3 Cuticle pushers

  • Cuticle knife

  • V-shape cuticle knife

  • Hoofstick.

  • Blackhead Whitehead Remover

Manicure set features:

  • Number of instruments: 14

  • Format: carry case - cosmetic box

  • Surface color of steel implements: matte silver

  • Case: Genuine leather, black

  • Delivered in an attractive Zinger gift box

  • Case size: 200mm x 60mm x 130mm

*Nail polish and lipstick are not included


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